Mass. Brewers Guild Releases New Craft Beer App Featuring Updated Passport Program

Screen shots from the new #MABEER mobile app.

These days, you’re more likely to pair your craft beer with a cell phone than a coaster.

Brewers guilds across the country have taken notice and begun to connect more at a digital level. One of those is the Massachusetts Brewers Guild (MBG), who released its first mobile app Monday, offering all you could want to know about Bay State breweries and more right at your fingertips. There are so many great mobile apps available today that have been developed with the consumer and user in mind, for example mobile app development Los Angeles do a great job of developing apps for businesses so customers can make the most of using it.

This particular app was developed by Brewers Marketing, who have created similar apps for brewers guilds and associations in New York, Nevada, Ohio, Washington and California, and is powered by data from Mass. Brew Bros.

According to Mass. Brew Bros, the premier website for craft beer drinkers in the Bay State, the app will be filled with features including news and events, guild-sponsored festivals, regional maps and a digital passport program.

As MBG president and Night Shift Brewing co-founder Rob Burns pointed out last December, the old paper passport the guild previously used for Massachusetts breweries was out of date and needed a revamp. The new passport is driven by up-to-date brewery data by Mass. Brew Bros and feature both visitable and non-visitable breweries. This way, you can still “check-in” to a brewery if you’re drinking their beer but they don’t yet have a taproom.

Keep tabs on each beer you drink

While we’re talking about the check-in process, it’s important to note how it works. There’s a balance of similarities and differences between the guild’s app and popular beer check-in and rating app Untappd. While you can log your beer and make personal tasting notes, there’s not a ratings system involved. However, there are badges to earn. Each of the state’s five regions offer a unique regional badge for every 15 breweries you check into in that region.

For the ambitious traveller, anyone who visits 100 breweries within the first year of the app’s release will be entered into a raffle for one hell of a prize. Five winners will be selected for an exclusive beer dinner with three very special guests: Rob Burns, Jim Koch, co-founder and chairman of Boston Beer Company, and Dan Kenary, founder and CEO of Harpoon Brewery.

Find your way through festivals with ease

Another great feature focuses on guild-sponsored festivals. The MBG hosts two craft beer festivals each year, and the app can offer attendees plenty of information right on their phone. Through the app, you can find out what breweries are attending, what they’re pouring, a map of the event and even nearby parking options.

Keep up with all the happenings throughout the state

The GPS function within the app can help map out brewery trips. You can select breweries by region and plan a day trip. The map will include links to individual brewery info like hours and what’s on tap.

The latest news and events in the state’s craft beer scene are also packed into the app, thanks to the Mass. Brew Bros website. Find the latest blog posts in this section plus update from your favorite brewers.

The app is available for download on iOS and Android now.

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