Craft Beer Maker Blames Sorcery For Use Of Nontraditional Ingredients In Newest Seasonal Release

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Firestone Walker has unveiled Coconut Merlin Milk Stout brewed with toasted coconuts.

With an infusion of freshly toasted coconuts and a touch of seasonal sorcery, Brewmaster Matt “Merlin” Brynildson has conjured up Coconut Merlin—a uniquely flavored craft beer for fall and winter.



Coconut Merlin is now available at all Firestone Walker locations and begins rolling out soon in draft and 12-ounce can (six pack) formats to all Firestone Walker markets as a limited seasonal release.

Coconut Merlin is the newest iteration of Firestone Walker’s signature “Merlin” milk stout. After rendering the beer as Mocha Merlin for the past two years, Brynildson and his team decided to change it up for 2019.

“Coconut and Merlin milk stout go together like peanut butter and chocolate,” Brynildson said. “Toasted coconut really complements the roasty, nutty character of this beer. It’s a perfect sipper for the fall season.”

“The coconuts are freshly shredded and toasted for each batch we make, which keeps the flavors really vibrant in the can,” Brynildson added. “The toasting really brings out the best flavors from the coconut, much like toasted and roasted malts deliver rich, complex flavors.”

The coconut addition comes after fermentation, with the new beer circulating through the shredded coconuts prior to final clarification and canning. Meanwhile, the inclusion of milk sugar in the brewing process adds dimension to the mouthfeel and helps knit everything together on the palate.

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