The Lost Abbey Releases 2018 Red Poppy

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The state flower in a state of sour.

Winner of a Bronze medal at World Beer Cup for American Style Sour (2013), Red Poppy, The Lost Abbey’s Flander’s Red Ale with sour cherries makes its 2018 debut.

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Inspired by the California State flower, Red Poppy is a veritable celebration of sour cherries. Aged in oak barrels for over 12 months, Red Poppy begins with a burst of fresh tart cherries and layers of tropical Brett funk, leading to a dry, red wine tannic-like finish.

“Red Poppy checks a lot of boxes for me what I want in a sour beer,” said Tomme Arthur, Co-Founder, and COO of The Lost Abbey. “The funkiness of the Brett paired with the tartness of the cherries, it’s why Red Poppy is the only Lost Abbey beer without any story on the back, it speaks for itself.”

Red Poppy will hit limited distribution throughout The Lost Abbey distribution network beginning this month.

About Port Brewing / The Lost Abbey / The Hop Concept

Founded in 2006, The Lost Abbey produces an extensive line-up of continental and American- inspired ales and lagers. Under the direction of visionary brewmaster and co-founder Tomme Arthur, the brewery has garnered dozens of awards including the 2007 Great American Beer Festival Small Brewery of the Year, The 2008 World Beer Cup Champion Small Brewery and the 2013 Champion Brewery at the San Diego International Beer Festival. The company’s beers, many of which are aged in oak barrels for 12 months or longer, are universally recognized for their complexity, unique flavors, and bold boundary-pushing styles.

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