Jackalope & MadTree Blind Date Turns Into Craft Brewers Conference Collaboration

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A chance meeting quickly blossomed.

Nashville’s Jackalope Brewing and Cincinnati’s MadTree Brewing stumbled upon a friendship that quickly lead to a collaboration Pale Ale, Phone-A-Friend. The two breweries were first introduced through shared vendor partner, W.M. Sprinkmann Corp., that manufactured both breweries brewhouse equipment.

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THIELMANN Invites You To Stop By And Say Hello At The CBC & Brew Expo In Nashville

After a couple of beers, the two realized they had just become friends and the Jackalope folks invited themselves over to brew at MadTree.

“It was cool,” said MadTree co-founder Brady Duncan. “I checked with my mom and they could stay the night.”

Happy to oblige this newly formed friendship, the idea of Phone-A-Friend was concocted and brewed in time for the 2018 Craft Brewers Conference in Nashville.

craft beer jackalope at madtree

Jackalope’s crew checks out the hop addition at MadTree.

To create the beer, the duo tapped their shared partners at Sprinkmann, Briess Malts, and Crosby Hop Farm to join them with each bringing something to the party.  The beer was brewed on MadTree’s 100BBL Sprinkmann brewhouse, used Briess Malts’ Vienna and Dark Munich 30L, and was loaded with Nugget, Centennial, and Amarillo hops from Crosby. The result is a crushable pale ale packed with tropical fruit hop flavors that is perfect for hanging out with friends, new and old.

Six-packs and draft will be available around Nashville and Middle Tennessee beginning Monday, April 23 and there will be a special Craft Brewers Conference kick-off party on Monday, April 30 at Jackalope Brewing Company (701 8th Ave S, Nashville, TN) featuring BeerAdvocate, MadTree, and Weyerbacher.

“Part of the magic of this beer may have come from a very late night of Japanese-style karaoke the night before the brew day, but mostly it’s all the good people involved,” said Bailey Spaulding, Jackalope CEO and brewmaster.

“You have to love how throwing back a few pints can bring people together to forge new friendships – and hangovers,” added Duncan. “This collaboration is just another example of beer building community and community building beer.”

About Jackalope Brewing

Jackalope Brewing Company is a Nashville, TN based craft brewery that first opened its doors in 2011 and launched distribution in Nashville in January 2012. Having begun as a pipe dream of co-founder Bailey Spaulding (a firm believer in the existence of jackalopes) while she attended Vanderbilt Law School, Jackalope encourages people to always believe in themselves, while also believing in awesome beer.  The brewery’s approach of putting their own twist on classic styles, as well as their penchant for mischief and dedication to community involvement has established Jackalope as part of the fabric Nashville’s craft beer culture. Jackalope brews are now available throughout Middle Tennessee, Memphis, Chattanooga, and Clarksville. Jackalope is currently building out a second, larger facility in Nashville, that will allow them to expand their distribution to more areas in Tennessee and who knows, maybe even beyond.

About MadTree Brewing

Cincinnati’s MadTree Brewing made history when they opened in 2013 by becoming the first modern craft brewery to can its beer in Ohio. When it comes to brewing, they have carved their own path. They mix. They mash. They methodically bring quality beer to life, and have fun doing it. Demand from the growing community keeps MadTree motivated and moving. In return, they make nothing but the best beer and opened their new production brewery and taproom in February 2017. They are founded and continue to grow on the notion that beer builds community builds and community builds beer. MadTree distributes its beers throughout Ohio, Kentucky, and Middle and Eastern Tennessee.

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