Kickstarter For Made-Easy Homebrew Fermentation System Surpasses Goal

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It’s still homebrewing, just easier.

One of the least favorable parts of making craft beer at home can be transferring and syphoning the wort in and out of pots, carboys and buckets. Well, one company is trying to eliminate all that work from the process for those who don’t want to do it.

Homebrew kit maker Craft a Brew recently launched a Kickstarter campaign for a product called The Catalyst Fermentation System, which basically gets rid of the need for transferring and syphoning, making it easier to make your own craft beer at home.

Finding space for all of the buckets typically needed to brew one’s own beer can sometimes pose a problem, but The Catalyst combines much of the bulky equipment needed for homebrewing into a sleek space-saving system. So, not only will the new home fermenter make it easier to brew, but it will also give a homebrewer the freedom to brew pretty much wherever she wants.

Another cool feature about the Catalyst is that you can attach any size wide-mouth mason jar directly to the system to collect sediment during fermentation. When fermentation is finished, you close the valve, take off the jar, and start bottling. You can even bottle straight from the Catalyst itself. The Catalyst is also dishwasher safe, making cleanup quick and easy.

The Kickstarter goal for The Catalyst was set to just $50,000, but with 21 days left to go in the campaign, Craft a Brew buzzed way past that with a whopping $168,000 pledged. According to their campaign page, donors who pledged $160 or more can expect shipment of their very own fermentation systems around September this year. That’s just in time to hide one away as a holiday gift for that homebrewer in your life.

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