Goodwood Cans & Rebrands American Pale Ale To Honor Fallen Heroes

craft beer goodwood american pale ale rebrand fallen heroes

The Louisville craft brewery will stamp the names of fallen police, firefighters and soldiers on new cans.

Goodwood Brewing has announced they will be canning their long beloved American Pale Ale, and the new packaging and re-branding will honor fallen American Heroes. The downtown Louisville, Kentucky brewery will stamp the bottom of each can with the name of a fallen American Hero.

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For the first round of production they will be partnering with The Louisville Metro Police Department to honor fallen police officers in their home city. They plan to expand this series to honor all American Heroes (Police Officers, Firefighters, and Military) in all of the states they currently distribute, as well as the new territories they are quickly expanding into in 2018.

In addition to bearing the name of a fallen hero on their American Pale Ale cans, Goodwood Brewing will also host promotional events and fundraisers and donate to their partnering foundations throughout the year.

“We wanted to pay homage to our American Heroes that made the ultimate sacrifice — in our community as well as the communities we distribute in,” said CEO Ted Mitzlaff. “We also wanted to honor the families who have lost loved ones in the line of duty. It’s a small gesture we can make to say thank you to these men and women who made an enormous sacrifice on behalf of their country and their communities.”

Goodwood’s American Pale Ale is aged on poplar and brewed with seven hop varieties. The 5.7 ABV brew features a hop-forward, floral bouquet, that’s balanced perfectly by the caramel malts providing pleasingly sweet, malty backbone.

craft beer goodwood can honors fallen heroes

The company’s initial production will honor the Louisville Police officers who died protecting the brewery’s home city:

Officer Peter Grignon EOW  3/23/2005
Chief Randy Wells  EOW 10/29/2007
Detective Jason Schweitzer EOW 10/29/2016
Officer Nick Rodman  EOW 3/29/2017

Goodwood Brewing made the decision to move the majority of their products to cans due to sustainability of the packaging.

“Glass bottles have a larger carbon footprint when it comes to shipping, cans use less cardboard to transport, and people recycle cans more than glass,” said Brewmaster and COO, Joel Hablieb. “We were also able to find 100% biodegradable can rings opposed to heavier plastic alternative carriers. Cans are are also proven to extend the life span and freshness of the beer. It was a no-brainer to invest in a canning line.”

Goodwood currently cans Louisville Lager, Spruce Tip IPA, Hemp Gose, Walnut Brown Ale, and, now American Pale Ale.

About Goodwood Brewing

Goodwood Brewing is a production brewery located in the heart of downtown Louisville. The brewery is dedicated to making beers that have been touched by wood; whether in reclaimed oak casks once used to house bourbon, red wine, and brandy or seasoned on oak, poplar or ash. Goodwood’s “shade-grown beers” are all touched by the natural gradations of reclaimed casks and other wood types for flavorful expressions that are unique to Goodwood. Just like the bourbon Kentucky is famous for, all of Goodwood’s beers begin with limestone water. The gents behind Goodwood are some of Louisville’s longest-serving brewing veterans, running production breweries in Louisville since 2001. Goodwood beers are available in Kentucky, Indiana, Alabama, Virginia, Tennessee, Oklahoma, South Carolina, West Virginia and Missouri.

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