Go All Night? Avery’s New Sour Release Gose All Year

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Everyday sour beer in a can.

Avery Brewing Company’s brewers pride themselves on making a beer for every step of a person’s “craft beer journey.” Their offerings range from easy-drinking beers like Ellie’s Brown Ale to big hop-forward beers like The Maharaja Imperial IPA to massive stouts like Tweak, a 15-18% ABV beer aged in Bourbon barrels. Now they’re expanding the drinker’s craft beer journey even further with the addition of a 4.5% ABV sour beer in a can.

“I love sour beers and wanted one I could drink all the time, every day,” says Avery Head Brewer Fred Rizzo. “So we designed the recipe. We added lime for a citric acid kick and sea salt to give it a dry finish. And it’s brewhouse-soured, so we can make plenty for me and everyone else to drink it whenever we want!”

With the addition of El Gose to their craft portfolio, Avery Brewing is going way old-school. The brew is inspired by the gose-style beer, a salty-sour wheat beer traditionally brewed with coriander that dates back to medieval Germany. The style fell out of favor after the Reinheitsgebot was adopted in Bavaria, a law that restricted beers’ ingredients to barley, hops, and water.

Now, Founder and CEO Adam Avery is excited to add an Avery twist to this traditional style by adding a twist of lime. “I love Mexican lagers with limes squeezed into them, and I wanted to make something similar that had more flavor and more mouthfeel. So this beer and its label are a fusion of a modern Mexican lager and a German ale from 500 years ago.”

To represent this unique confluence of influences, the beer label features a calavera —an artistic representation of a human skull traditionally used in the Mexican celebration of the Day of the Dead — and the Spanish and German words for cheers, ¡Salud and Prost!

The low alcohol level is somewhat out of the ordinary for Avery Brewing, which averages around 10% ABV on their annually packaged beers.

“I appreciate the 4.5% ABV because the savory combo of sour and salty means that, for me, one beer usually turns into three,” says Brewhouse Manager Riley Finnigan. “And honestly, sometimes three turns into more.”

The beer will be released in 6-pack cans at the brewery on Sunday, July 17. Avery’s Head Chef Chris Blackwood has created a unique dining menu combining the cuisine of Mexico and Germany. “It was quite a challenge to blend these types of foods, but it was worth it because we came up with some seriously creative, seriously delicious dishes.” Items on Sunday’s menu include Das Chorizo Pretzel Dog, Los Bratwurst Tacos, Steak Schnitzel Torta, Carne Sauerbraten, Paprikash Enchiladas, and Black Forest Cake topped with red chili mole.

If you’re not as adventurous a cook at home, Avery recommends pairing El Gose with fresh chèvre, brats and asparagus on the grill, and an airy coconut cake.

After Sunday’s brewery release, 6-packs of El Gose will make their way around the country to Avery’s 35-state distribution network. To find El Gose nearby, drinkers can put their zip code into the Brew Finder at averybrewing.com/brew-finder.

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