First Details — American Craft Beer Week Is May 14 – 20

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An entire week of independent imbibing.

Returning for its thirteenth conseccutive year, the 2018 American Craft Beer Week  has officially been slated from Monday, May 14th to Sunday, May 20th. This is the time of year that craft brewers and beer enthusiasts alike come together to explore the world of small and independent craft breweries.

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Let Beer Adventures Be Your Ultimate Guide For ACBW 2018

Celebrated everywhere – from the golden coast to the Garden State and all states in between – ACBW will be one of the best times to raise a pint with craft brewers across the country in the spirit of solidarity. This spring will aslo be a time to explore America’s ever-growing craft beer culture with the thousands of events which will take place across the nation. From tap takeovers to beer festivals to special Brew Studs surprise popups, ACBW 2018 will prove to be one the dopest yet.

Small and independent craft brewers have made America’s beer culture the richest in the world – in flavor, in hops and in spirit. Celebrate those whose imagination and drive for independence have turned beer upside down, with weeklong celebrations showcasing all things grain, hop, yeast and water. American Craft Beer Week gives seasoned beer lovers and anyone curious about craft beer the chance to discover more and support their local breweries and beer businesses.

Noteworthy Facts About American Craft Beer In 2018

  • There are now more than 6,000 breweries in the U.S.
  • More than 5,800 of America’s breweries are small and independent.
  • IPA is stilll the king of craft beers, up 22% in popularity.
  • A strong majority of beer drinkers now consider food pairing when selecting beer from a dining menu.
  • There is a now craft brewer selcted guide for beercations.
  • There is also now a reference tool for identifying the beer brands owned by craft beer’s worst enemy.

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