Another Southern Crafty Beer Brand Appears To Be Headed To Ohio


And they’re hiring.

A recently-turned, ex-craft beer company from The South has posted multiple positions for the Ohio beer market since the beginning of November. Devil’s Backbone Brewing Company (DBB) of Roseland, Virginia is hiring (shit you not) a Craft Adventure Coordinator (sales/marketing rep) for both Cincinnati and Cleveland and a Midwest Territory Sales Manager that will cover Cincinnati, Columbus and Cleveland.

Devil’s Backbone announced in 2014 that it had aggressive plans to expand distribution into at least five new states, so far making good by launching in North Carolina, Tennessee, Pennsylvania and Delaware. If math is still math in this post-factual world and DBB isn’t trolling beer market job seekers, all signs point to Ohio being the fifth state.

The Virginia brewery made national news this Spring when it was announced that DBB was being acquired by the largest beer conglomerate ever forged in hellfire. Ironically, half of DBB’s ten most popular beers on are collaborations brewed with other, still-independent craft breweries.

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Kudos to Devil’s Backbone for recognizing the value of selling beer in THE Buckeye State, as Ohio ranked 10th in the nation in craft beer consumption in 2015. They may want to temper sales expectations just a bit; however, as Ohio also ranks 4th in craft beer production with over 140 breweries competing in the state. That means that Ohioans are pretty damn loyal to beer brewed there.

Ohio-brewed beers certainly aren’t the only brands on shelves and taps that DBB will find themselves competing with. A Stone Brewing rep recently said that he believes Ohio has the 4th or 5th most diverse craft beer selection in America. In fact, they aren’t the only Southern crafty brand entering the market at this time. Terrapin Brewing Company of Athens, Georgia, who recently sold a majority stake to MillerCoors, has also announced plans to have its beers in Ohio by 2017 and is also hiring a Regional Sales Manager.

Distributors for neither company have been announced, but odds may be in favor of the legacy companies who have contracts with the breweries’ respective new owners.

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