Craft A Brew Partners With Stone Brewing To Release Stone Pale Ale Homebrew Kit


Now, you can resurrect this retired classic.

Craft a Brew, maker of premium home beer ­brewing kits, released its newest collaboration homebrew kit, Stone Pale Ale. The latest addition to the company’s Craft Brewer Series was developed in partnership with San Diego-­based Stone Brewing to bring the legendary Stone Pale Ale recipe to home brewers worldwide.

First homebrewed by Stone co­-founders Greg Koch and Steve Wagner in 1995, Stone Pale Ale is now available in one gallon brew kits and one gallon and five gallon recipe kits from Craft a Brew. This malt-­forward pale ale features toffee and caramel notes balanced by restrained hop flavor from Ahtanum hops.

In 2015, Stone bid farewell to its original Stone Pale Ale recipe, introducing Stone Pale Ale 2.0 to take its place.

“We’re honored to bring Stone Pale Ale out of retirement and into homebrewers’ kitchens,” said Kyle Westfall, Founder and President of Craft a Brew.

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No need to miss it, when you can brew it at home.

Craft a Brew’s collaboration with Stone Brewing, lauded the “All­time Top Brewery on Planet Earth,” by BeerAdvocate Magazine , is especially significant because of Stone’s homebrewing roots.

“Our mission at Craft a Brew is to turn beer drinkers into beer brewers,” said Westfall. “The opportunity to collaborate with a pioneer in the craft brewing industry to bring this recipe to our customers is incredible and we hope the recipe will encourage even more beer lovers to give homebrewing a try.”

Stone Pale Ale is Craft a Brew’s latest addition to its Craft Brewer Series, which features collaborations from some of the company’s favorite breweries. This series also includes Resin IPA from Sixpoint Brewing and Intergalactic Pale Ale from 7eventh Sun Brewery.

“Our Craft Brewer Series provides a unique opportunity to build connections between the craft beer industry and homebrewing community. These collaborations connect brewers with their favorite beers and bring an unparalleled homebrewing experience to our customers,” said Westfall.

Craft a Brew’s new Stone Pale Ale homebrew kits are available on Craft a Brew’s website.

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Craft a Brew is on a mission to turn craft beer lovers into craft beer brewers with its premium home brewing kits, which are designed to help novices and enthusiasts alike make the best possible beer in their own kitchens, right out of the box. Founded in 2010, Craft a Brew has spent years perfecting its easy­to­use kits, sourcing the freshest ingredients and assembling each kit by hand in Orlando, Florida. Craft a Brew currently offers 18+ beer styles, including a gluten­free ale and a hard cider making kit, along with its innovative Catalyst Fermentation System and new Make Your Own Wine Kits, among other brewing accessories.

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