Sierra Nevada Launches Super Secret (Not Secret) Craft Beer Club: Alpha Hop Society

Alpha Hop Society Sierra Nevada Craft Beer Club

Welcome to the Alpha Hop Society.


It’s the shadowy subculture stashed deep within the back rooms and barrel cellars of Sierra Nevada’s breweries. The Alpha Hop Society is a new beer club for fans of small-batch barrel-aged beers. Alpha Hops get to experience never-before-seen beers, one-off specialties, and guided samplings with the brewers who make them happen.

Who are the Alpha Hops?

  • Alpha Hops are the bold, the intense, and the passionate.
  • Alpha Hops look for the new, the limited, and the unique.
  • Above all else, Alpha Hops love beer and brewing and want to be part of the club.

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The Alpha Hop Society (AHS) is Sierra Nevada’s rare beer club for the adventurous palate. It is a small, secret group gathered to garner access to our most coveted beers, small-batch creations and extremely limited barrel-aged bottles. AHS membership is a year-long pass jumping you to the front of the line for what’s next at Sierra Nevada.
Most of all, AHS is a backstage pass for the beer-obsessed and your ticket into the weird and wonderful world of small-batch beers at Sierra Nevada.

What is the Alpha Hop Society?

For Alpha Hop Society members Sierra Nevada hand selected 12 of their most limited, experimental, and small-batch beers available nowhere else. AHS members also get access to guided tours and tastings during one-on-one visits to the brewery. Members will get to pull nails from barrels and see what’s hiding in the dark corners of their experimental barrel beer programs and a sneak peek into what’s next. To top it off, you’ll get a growler and some AHS swag to help you fly your Alpha Hop colors.

Annual AHS package:

  • Twelve 750mL bottles of extremely limited barrel-aged beers (350 bottles or fewer!)
  • Alpha Hop-only access to quarterly cellar tours, barrel tastings, Pilot brewery samplings, and other beer-focused events.
  • A first taste of new beers from Sierra Nevada
  • Early access and invites to Sierra Nevada events and festivals.
  • Guided tastings of vintage beers and other exclusive creations.
  • AHS t-Shirt
  • Growler
  • Monthly newsletter detailing the Alpha Hop beers and other small-batch events at Sierra Nevada.
  • AHS Membership Card

All for $250 per year.

Quarterly AHS Beer Pick-Up Dates:

  • Q1: February 13 through Febrary 29
  • Q2: April 16 through April 30
  • Q3: July 16 through July 31
  • Q4: October 15 through October 31

What’s the beer lineup?

All 12 beers are brand-new creations brewed, blended, and bottled specifically for Alpha Hops.

They’ll choose AHS beers quarterly and hand bottle them in time for release.

All beers will be extremely limited production runs of 350 bottles or fewer and only available as part of the AHS program. AHS members can influence what we make in the future. If one beer is a favorite, they may re-release it to a wider audience in the future.

Beer selections subject to change at brewer’s discretion.

Quarter one:

  • American Wild Red Ale
  • Barrel-Aged Stock Scotch-style Ale—Aged in Brandy and Absinthe Barrels
  • Barrel-Aged Pentuppel with Chilis

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