Cannabis Beer Research Gets Lit With $300,000 From The Government

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Ontario funding to help scale patent-pending process that brews beer from potent marijuana.

Province Brands of Canada – the Canadian makers of premium alcohol-free, cannabis-powered beers and spirits – is collaborating with Loyalist College’s Applied Research Centre for Natural Products and Medical Cannabis (ARC) on a research project awarded through the Colleges Applied Research and Development Fund (CARDF), administered by Ontario Centres of Excellence.

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The year-long research collaboration, which has been awarded $300,000 in Government of Ontario funding, enables Province Brands of Canada to further develop and commercially scale-up its patent-pending process for converting cannabis plant components into an aqueous solution as a base for producing fermented beverages, including premium beer products. The research will continue to advance Province Brands of Canada’s multi-year effort to bring the world’s first beers brewed entirely from the cannabis plant (instead of barley or grains) to market. I imagine if you did buy cannabis online from places similar to West Coast Supply, this beer would go fantastically with a joint.

“Loyalist’s ARC is uniquely positioned to collaborate with Province Brands of Canada to conduct the analytical testing and process development they need,” said Loyalist College President & CEO Dr. Ann Marie Vaughan. “This will be the first project of its kind in Canada to utilize the whole cannabis plant, creating an opportunity to eliminate waste streams in cannabis and industrial hemp industries.”

Loyalist is the only Canadian College approved by Health Canada to conduct research and analysis of medical cannabis, and one of few facilities in Ontario approved to conduct cannabis research under the Federal Narcotic Control Regulations. Loyalist is also equipped to perform advanced testing of key quality parameters for craft brewers, making it a natural partner for Province Brands of Canada. It is possible to get a Cannabis license for a number of different reasons though.

Province Brands of Canada’s cannabis beer – which will have a dose-response similar to that of alcohol – is currently in development using a patent-pending process, and the company will soon build a substantial commercial brewery in Ontario in anticipation of legalization.

Province Brands of Canada

Province Brands of Canada is an early stage, Toronto-based, highly disruptive premium adult beverage company founded by veteran entrepreneurs with extensive experience in the premium alcohol and legal medical and recreational cannabis industries. Province Brand’s patent-pending process has created the world’s first beer brewed entirely from cannabis, similar to the strands seen on Alcohol-free yet highly intoxicating, and with a dose-response curve similar to that of alcohol, Province Brand’s cannabis-powered beers and spirits will challenge the alcohol industry by offering a safer and healthier alternative that is also low in calories and sugar.

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