Craft Beer Goes Hollywood For Rodriguez-Cameron Flick

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Three Weavers creates beers for real life game experiences centered around Alita: Battle Angel.

The 2019 Sci-Fi Action film from director Robert Rodriguez ( Mariachi Trilogy, Spy Kids, Sin City, Grind House), Alita: Battle Angel, has yet to get its own Tomato Meter, but 95% of users on “want to see it.” If those users live in/near or visit Los Angeles, New York City or Austin, they’re also being given the chance to transport directly into the retro-futuristic world of the movie through an experience being hosted in each city called Passport to Iron City.

In the set-like experience, fans can explore the movie’s Iron City, which has been recreated down to the last detail by the film’s production designers. The meticulously designed dystopian setting is a gameboard where guests play by finding clues and completing challenges. Guests will gather in an exact replica of the Kansas bar, a pivotal location in the film, where they mingle and learn more about the secrets of Iron City.

In partnership with the studio 20th Century Fox, Three Weavers Brewing Company created three custom craft brews specific to each of the three locations. Each Passport to Iron City event features an extremely limited beer themed around Alita’s world and inspired by the geographic and cultural nuances of each city.

The Beers Share Alita’s Theme of Empowerment

Three Weavers crafted a big, double dry-hopped wheat IPA called Berserker for the New York City event. For Austin, Three Weavers collaborated with Oskar Blues Brewery to create an eclectic pomegranate lime gosé named Badlands. And for their home city of Los Angeles, brewmaster Alexandra Nowell developed a fashionable lemon basil brut ale dubbed Panzer Kunst. Additional beers are available, including Three Weavers’ Expatriate IPA and Seafarer kölsch-style ale in Los Angeles and New York; and Three Weavers’ Seafarer kölsch-style ale and Oskar Blues’ Can-O-Bliss IPA in Austin.

The brewery worked closely with the filmmakers to develop brands authentic to the movie and to the Passport to Iron City experience.

“I created Three Weavers to show my three daughters that anything is possible with direction and perseverance,” said President and Founder Lynne Weaver. “We are honored to be part of this incredible project. I love that Alita is a strong female character that will inspire young girls like my girls.”

Alita: Battle Angel, by Robert Rodriguez, James Cameron and Jon Landau, opens February 14. Passport to Iron City is happening now in Los Angeles, New York City and Austin, and runs into the spring. Leading up to the film’s debut, early bird tickets are available for $25 and prices will increase to $55 after February 13. Tickets are available here.

About Three Weavers Brewing Company

Three Weavers Brewing Company is an independent craft brewery with a mission to build a positive sense of community through the collective passion for craft beer. Founded by Lynne Weaver in 2013, Three Weavers is one of the largest independent craft breweries in Los Angeles County and currently expanding production and distribution on the West Coast. Led by award-winning Brewmaster, Alexandra Nowell, Three Weavers craft beers have received critical International acclaim, winning a World Beer Cup Gold Medal in 2016, a GABF Silver Medal in 2017, a European Beer Star Bronze in 2017, and the Australian International Beer Awards Best IPA and Champion International Beer in 2018. Three Weavers is proudly brewed in Inglewood, California.

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