Innovative BrewDog-Patented ‘Live Beer’ Process Will Be Free Only To Craft Brewers

brewdog patented craft beer process free to indie brewers

Big Beer can have it for just $500,000,000…in Gummy Bears.

Unconventional Scottish brewery, BrewDog, today launches a fresh take on one of the most historic British beer serving methods. The craft brewery will launch LIVE beer at 6pm this evening in all UK BrewDog bars, revealing the result of a project to apply modern brewing equipment, a bit of science and a huge focus on beer quality in an attempt to reimagine what draft real ale is, and come up with something better than cask. 

For generations the argument over cask beer has been bitterly disputed amongst beer enthusiasts, and BrewDog has provided a definitive answer. The promise of a fresh, natural brew with subtle flavour has been impeded by the risk of short shelf lives and poor service knowledge within the industry. Using cutting edge science and state-of-the-art brewing equipment, BrewDog has redefined the category and made a real ale for progressives. The project, masterminded by co-founder Martin Dickie, is in response to his opinion that more than half of the cask ales served in the UK are substandard in terms of beer quality.

As LIVE beer is considered such a game-changer, the brewery has patented the process used in its creation. BrewDog has announced that it will gladly share the technical specifications of how to produce LIVE beer with any craft brewery who wishes to use it – all they need do is ask. Industrial brewing concerns who also wish to use the patent are welcome to do so for free as well, on payment of a $500m administration fee, payable up front. In gummy bears.

“For reasons that still confound me, we were kicked out the Great British Beer Festival in 2011 for not having a cask conditioned ale,” commented BrewDog co-founder, James Watt. “We’ve not produced a cask conditioned ale, we’ve gone and produced something further down the evolutionary scale. The launch of LIVE beer flies in the face of everything BrewDog has said and done before, and that’s exactly why we’ve done it. If anyone’s going to produce a live beer that packs a mighty punch, it’s us.”

LIVE Beer is a craft juggernaut, produced with live yeast and conditioned in keg, gently sparkling and tasting impeccably fresh. Instead of maturing in tanks, as is the case with most force-carbonated bottled and kegged beer, the fermented beer is spun in a centrifuge to remove hops and debris, before being packed into Keykegs to finish its fermentation. With each batch carefully conditioned at BrewDog’s Ellon HQ and served exclusively in the controlled environment of BrewDog’s bars, it’s everything incredible about real ale with the quality and consistency of kegged craft beer.

Watt continued, “For too long people have been hung up on the container beer is served from; a container beer drinkers never even see. And yet the problems related to cask beer don’t lie with the vessel itself but the process behind it and how it is handled. LIVE beer majors on the quality of the beer. We are completely reinventing and reimagining what draft real ale is for the better, and ensuring a perfect pint every single time for the drinker. LIVE beer is about creating a whole new category, and a whole new perspective from which to enjoy beer.”

This real ale for modernists is set to redefine the out-of-date perceptions amongst ale drinkers the world over, and blow the minds of real ale evangelists like CAMRA, against whom BrewDog has long been railing. LIVE beer opens up a brave new world for craft beer drinkers.

Beer expert and award winning writer Pete Brown explained, “It’s not a universally popular view, but to me good old cask ale is the ultimate form of craft beer. I understood why BrewDog stopped doing cask a few years ago, because it can be tricky to ensure the quality of traditional cask ale in outlets. So I was delighted when BrewDog asked me to consult on the development of LIVE beer. It’s a reinvention of cask that takes a lot of the hassle away from the outlet and still delivers the flavour difference you’d expect from great cask beer.”

Kicking off with a special event at BrewDog Shepherd’s Bush, LIVE beer launches in every UK BrewDog bar tonight (26th July) from 6pm, pouring LIVE Dead Pony Club on draft.

Since 2007, BrewDog has shaped the way the world thinks and tastes craft beer. The brewery has 44 bars and bottle shops, exports to 55 countries, and was recently named as the UK’s 10th fastest growing private business in the Sunday Times Fast Track 100. Its groundbreaking crowdfunding scheme, Equity For Punks has amassed over 46,000 Equity Punks and taken more money through crowdfunding than any other business on record.

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