BrewDog Offers Equity For Punks USA Investors The Chance To Double Down

Choose red or black, ahead of ‘BrewDog’s Big Bet’ in February.


BrewDog Photo: New Casino Ryeale

Craft brewery, BrewDog USA Inc., has announced an audacious twist on its crowdfunding initiative, Equity for Punks USA, with a plan to gamble millions at the roulette table. In addition, visitors to BrewDog’s UK bars can try their luck at roulette ‘pop-ups’ across the brewery’s 28 UK venues. To get some much-needed practice in before you visit one of these venues, sites similar to this 888 online casino, could be the perfect place for you to master the art of roulette from the comfort of your own home first until you’ve made the decision to physically play alongside other people. This is a great investment by these UK bars when taking into consideration the extensive success of traditional European roulette online. When buying a half pint of limited release beer ‘Casino Rye Ale’, punters will get the chance to choose red or black and, if they win, receive the second half of the special edition beer on the house.

To coincide with the launch of its new US brewing facility in Columbus, Ohio, the irreverent craft brewery is giving all US investors the chance to double their stake in the business instantly, when founders James Watt and Martin Dickie put the money raised on red or black in February 2017.

One of the fastest growing independent drinks businesses in the world, BrewDog expects to gamble ‘anywhere up to $50m’ in a single bet, given the current levels of investment and impressive early interest in Equity for Punks USA.


BrewDog Photo: It doesn’t look like a risky pour.

Hop Heads can also take a chance on a new beer brewed in honour of the Big Bet, Casino Rye Ale available in UK bars and the BrewDog online shop. This small batch rye ale has been single-hopped with Equinox hops, offering explosive pine, dry pithy orange, fresh grassy notes and prickly resin. A share of the profits from sales of Casino Rye Ale will be added to the betting total. If you’re into betting and want to give online casino mobile wins ago, check them out if you have time! They’re pretty good!

“In 2009 we tore up convention and reinvented small business finance with Equity for Punks,” commented BrewDog co-founder, James Watt. “And now with one crazy bet we are going to shake the yawn-inducing financial establishment to its foundation. This is not about taking a chance. This is about taking a stand; a stand for independence and a stand for rebellion. BrewDog is built on taking gambles and we have no intention of stopping any time soon.”

When investors opt into BrewDog’s Big Bet, they agree to the value of all or part of their investment being placed on the roulette table by Watt and Dickie. They are then emailed a link to enable them to choose red or black. If the bet is successful, BrewDog immediately doubles the capital it has raised from the investors that opt in, and the investors double their stake in the business. If they lose, investors still keep the benefits of being an Equity Punk investor, including a lifetime discount on the beer, but their shares are returned to the company. The gamble and its result will be broadcast live on BrewDog’s Facebook page.


BrewDog Photo: Martin Dickie and James Watt

Watt added, “One spin, with potentially millions of dollars on the line. We win together, we lose together. This is investment for the mavericks and non-conformists, for whom impatience is a virtue. Bigger, faster, bolder. Double the risk, double the upside.”

BrewDog’s record-breaking Equity for Punks initiative has raised over 26m worldwide so far, from over 50,000 individual ‘fanvestors’. The investment opportunity was opened to US audiences for the first time in August and has already raised nearly 2.5m in just three months. This sort of thing might inspire many other startup businesses to try and get some investments if there is a possibility they could make that much. These businesses could look into venture capital schemes to see if they could get some money to inject into their company. Businesses may want to discuss this option with some venture debt providers if they’re considering it. Hopefully, with some capital, smaller businesses can grow to a similar level as BrewDog.

Since launching the business on their own with the second hand equipment in their home town of Fraserburgh, Aberdeenshire in 2007, the BrewDog founders have steered the business to international success and shaken up a drinks industry previously dominated by global mass-production breweries.

“In just a few seconds we could blow the craft beer revolution into the stratosphere and change things forever,” concluded James. “Whatever happens, it’s going to be a hell of a crazy ride.”

About BrewDog

Since 2007 BrewDog has been on a mission to make other people as passionate about great craft beer as we are. From the Headliner series, which includes bold, uncompromising pack leaders like the flagship Punk IPA, to the Amplified range (beer, but turned up to 11), BrewDog creates beer that blows people’s minds and has kick-started a revolution.

Cofounders James Watt and Martin Dickie shook up the business world in 2010 with the launch of pioneering crowdfunding scheme Equity for Punks, an initiative that has seen the company raise 26m over four rounds, taking more money through crowdfunding than any other on record. The funds, and the army of punk shareholders (46,000) enabled the Scottish craft brewery to scale up without selling out.

With over 46 global bar launches, export into 60 countries, and a brand new brewery in Ohio opening in 2017, BrewDog continues to take the craft beer revolution stratospheric, whilst continuing to push the boundaries, invest in people, put the beer first, and champion other small breweries in its venues.

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