BrewDog Announces 130 Percent Growth For 2015, Takes Top UK Brewery Title

brewdog uk craft beer announce financial results 2015

God save the alpha dogs.

Scottish craft beer force, BrewDog, has announced its 2015 business results, reporting an annual turnover of £45m, a massive 52% increase on 2014.

The stratospheric rise of BrewDog over the last five years has resulted in an average annual growth rate of 69%, and an average annual operating profit growth of 112%. UK sales are up by 130%, and flagship beer Punk IPA – which grew at 127.4% in on-trade – is now the best-selling craft beer in UK supermarkets. BrewDog itself is now the number one craft brewery in the UK, shipping the equivalent to 41 million bottles of craft beer in 2015.

A fourth round of the game-changing crowdfunding scheme Equity For Punks, which will close in April 2016, has resulted in smashed records such as the most money raised in the first three weeks of launch, and more money taken through crowdfunding than any other business on record – over £20m since 2010. Investment made in BrewDog is fuelling the independent craft brewery’s US expansion, funding a new state-of-the-art, 100,000 square foot brewery in Columbus, Ohio which will be one of the most technologically advanced craft breweries in the world when it opens in August 2016.

BrewDog will launch a further round of crowdfunding in May, specifically for US residents to invest, intending to replicate the effect that Equity for Punks has had on the UK business. Investments made will fund the incredible thirst for quality craft beer in the US and new neighboring markets. Creating an estimated 124 jobs, BrewDog’s North American HQ will also boast a restaurant, taproom and visitor centre.

“2015 was a great year for BrewDog in and of itself, but it was also about laying the foundations for the next five years of growth,” said BrewDog co-founder, James Watt. “We built an amazing new brewery in Ellon, increasing our capacity there five-fold, and we also started building an amazing new brewery in Columbus, Ohio. At the start of 2015 our total annual capacity was 160,000 HL. By the end of 2016 our total annual brewhouse capacity will be 1.5m HL.”

Now with 580 punk staff powering the uprising, BrewDog is leading the charge against mass-produced beer corporations, and spreading the gospel of craft even further, opening 17 new hop havens in 2015, including bars in Brussels, Rome, Hong Kong, Brighton and Soho. The irreverent brewery now counts 45 craft beer venues globally.

As well as plotting a takeover across the pond, 2015 also saw the development of BrewDog HQ, including a new 300HL brewhouse and a cutting edge canning line in Ellon, which was christened in true BrewDog style with the launch of the world’s strongest canned beer, the infamous 12.7%ABV Black Eyed King Imp. Other boundary-pushing releases included the ‘terminally hoppy’ Born To Die, with a short shelf life to inform drinkers of the volatility of hop character, and the world’s first transgender beer, No Label.

In the year to come, BrewDog will not only continue striding ahead with the craft beer revolution, but will also launch bars in 2016 in Amsterdam, Warsaw, York, Berlin, Homerton and Dalston.

BrewDog’s full results will be announced at the end of February. More information on BrewDog can be found at

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