Brew Studs Kicking Off Weekly Craft Beer Giveaway

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Chance to win each week with #TopBrewsTues.

Brew Studs is happy to announce that, beginning Tuesday, January 24th, sharing your craft beer photos with the hashtag #TopBrewsTues to Twitter and Instagram each Tuesday could win you a merchandise package.

The blog that’s of the beer lovers, by the beer lovers and for the beer lovers already has a long lineup of swag from your favorite American breweries to be prizes in the contest, which will reboot weekly. To kick off the new photo contest, we’re offering a Firestone Walker prize that includes a glass with their 20th anniversary logo, a Firestone Walker “Beer Before Glory” t-shirt, a hat with their logo and a bottle opener.

#TopBrewsTues will enter its 4th year running on Twitter in 2017, getting somewhere around 10 million impressions on that platform alone each week. Brew Studs decided it was time to give back to all of the loyal hashtag participants and thought, what a better way than to hook everyone up with brewery swag (well, beer would better, but that’s illegal in many U.S. states).

In week two, Brew Studs will offer a prize from the fast growing Cincinnati, Ohio brewery, MadTree, and other craft beer prizes will be announced next month. Brew Studs’ goal is to give away a prize from a great beer brand each week to get even more beer fans excited about sharing their beertography on #TopBrewsTues. On occasion, Brew Studs may offer up merchandise from its own Barrel Aged Apparel store as a prize.

How to Win

Each Wednesday, Brew Studs representatives will choose six beer photos from the previous day’s posts from Twitter and Instagram, which must be tagged #TopBrewsTues. Those six photos will be featured on the #TopBrewsTues page on the Brew Studs blog sometime on Wednesday, where anyone can use a Facebook like to vote for a beer photo. Voters will have until the following Monday afternoon to pick their favorites, when the votes will be tallied and the photo with the most likes will be selected as that week’s winner.

How to Be Selected as a Contestant

  1. Make sure it’s not a photo of product made by the largest “beer” company in the world (this is an actual rule).
  2. Be creative, and take your time — we will be selecting contestants mostly based on the quality of the photo, although the uniqueness of the beer may sway opinions in some cases.
  3. Use the right hashtag — it’s #TopBrewsTues, not #TopBrewsTuesday or #TopBrewTues or #HeyLookAtThisBeerImDrinkingTonight.

You can see a list of all the contest rules here.

Happy sharing and cheers!

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