Cantillon To Release Zwanze Lambic-Tea Blend Worldwide, Including 35 North American Locations

craft beer cantillon zwanze day release 2011

10th beer in Zwanze series took direction from owner’s son.

Cantillon Brewery of Brussels announced today the details of a beer that it will release for the upcoming globally celebrated Zwanze Day.  The first Zwanze Lambic was brewed and released by Cantillon in 2008 and was blended with rhubarb. Through 2010, the rare craft brew had developed a black market for sales, including bottles going to the highest bidder on E-bay. Its popularity throughout the world and mass cult following eventually catalyzed a celebration of the phenomenon it created.

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In 2011, after four annual releases — each being the Zwanze Lambic with a different ingredient added — a simultaneous worldwide release party was commissioned by the brewery. It was said at the time under new owner and fourth-generation brewer at Cantillon, Jean-Pierre van Roy, that the brewery did not want the Zwanze vintages to be exploited for marketing purposes and that not a single bottle would be sold directly by Cantillon. That marked a shift in the way that the beers would go on to be released and solidified the burgeoning annual tradition.

craft beer cantillon zwanze day release 2017

Image from Brasserie Cantillon Facebook post.

For 2017’s Zwanze blend, Cantillon owner van Roy enlisted the help of his youngest son to choose the unique ingredient.

“My youngest son, Sylvain, will be 18 come October. As we did for his older brother, Florian, I wanted to celebrate this milestone by dedicating a beer to him. And what better beer than the Zwanze,” said van Roy in a Facebook announcement. “I wanted to involve Sylvain in choosing the beer, and when I asked him what blend we could make. He told me : ‘I love iced tea, could we try a blend with tea?’.”

The brewery ended up deciding to go with an Oolong tea and says the resulting beer is delicate and round, with notes of fruit and slight bitterness. You’ll notice a familiar theme that was chosen for the beer’s artwork. That’s because Zylvan is a Game of Thrones fanatic and, as the brewery did for van Roy’s eldest son, this beer is dedicated to the youngest, who will turn 18 this year.

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Zwanze Day will take place this year on September 23rd, and the Zwanze Lambic will be released in 18 countries (appropriately).

2017 U.S. and Canada Zwanze Release Locations


  • Anchorage Brewing Company — Anchorage, Alaska
  • Armsby Abbey — Worcester, Massachusetts
  • Avenue Pub — New Orleans, Louisiana
  • Bagby Beer — Oceanside, California
  • Beachwood BBQ — Seal Beach, California
  • Crooked Stave Barrel Cellar — Denver, Colorado
  • De Garde Brewing — Tillamook, Oregon
  • Fools Gold NY — Manhattan, New York
  • Green Bench Brewing — St. Petersburg, Florida
  • Holy Grale — Louisville, Kentucky
  • Jester King Brewery — Austin, Texas
  • Jolly Pumpkin Brewery — Dexter, Michigan
  • Laser Wolf — Fort Lauderdale, Florida
  • Mikkeller Bar SF — San Fransisco, California
  • Monk’s Cafe — Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  • Novare Res Bier Café — Portland, Maine
  • The Porter Beer Bar — Atlanta, Georgia
  • REAL a gastropub — Honolulu, Hawaii
  • Russian River Brewing — Santa Rosa, California
  • Schera’s Restaurant and Bar — Elkader, Iowa
  • Seymour, the pub — Greenfield, Massachusetts
  • Side Project Brewing Cellar — Maplewood, Missouri
  • Slow Boat Tavern — Seattle, Washington
  • The Sovereign — Washington D.C.
  • Spuyten Duyvil — Brooklyn, New York
  • Thin Man Brewery — Buffalo, New-York
  • Trillium Brewing Company — Canton, Massachusetts
  • West Lakeview Liquors — Chicago, Illinois
  • Four other locations to be announced


  • Dieu du Ciel — Montréal, Québec
  • Birreria Volo — Toronto, Ontario
  • Bells and Whistles – Vacouver, British Columbia

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