Brasserie Dupont Brewmaster To Launch Lost Abbey Collaboration During U.S. Debut

Deux Amis craft beer collaboration Belgium's Brewery Dupont Lost Abbey Brewery.

The family finally pays a visit.

4th generation Brew Master of Brasserie Dupont, Olivier Dedeycker, will tour the U.S. this June to promote the launch of Deux Amis Saison, a collaboration beer with California’s Lost Abbey Brewery.

This trip marks the first visit to the United States by any family member of the iconic Brasserie Dupont in its 172-year history. Mr. Dedeycker will be traveling from New York to Los Angeles with four-time Great American Beer Festival’s Brewer of the Year,Tomme Arthur of Lost Abbey, to speak with brewers and beer aficionados alike. This multi-city tour will provide trade and consumers with the opportunity to meet the brewers to gain insight into the craft of producing classic Belgian farmhouse ales, as well as discover Deux Amis – the limited edition American-Belgian collaboration.

For over two decades, Mr. Dedeycker has devoted himself to preserving his family’s traditional brewing techniques.

“It’s certainly not the most economic way to work,” noted Dedeycker, speaking about his traditional brewing techniques and brewing equipment. “I mean we could produce beer cheaper, with different materials, but the spirit would be different.”

Mr. Dedeycker will be making limited appearances at events in New York City, Philadelphia, Los Angeles, San Diego and San Francisco during his stateside visit, June 20-29.

Brasserie Dupont was established as a farm brewery in 1844 in Tourpes, Belgium. The brewery is most well known for producing Saison Dupont Vieille Provision. Named the “Best Beer in the World,” Saison Dupont is considered the benchmark of one ofBelgium’s most influential beer styles.

French for “Two Friends,” Deux Amis brings together two esteemed brewers who have long admired each other’s work – Olivier Dedeycker, the fourth generation Brew Master of world-renowned Dupont Brewery and four time GABF Brewer of the Year,Tomme Arthur of California’s Lost Abbey Brewery. Deux Amis has the trademark flavor of Dupont’s signature peppery yeast accentuated with vibrant notes of tropical fruit all balanced by aromatic hints of clove and pine. It makes the perfect companion to spicy cuisines, stir-fries, fresh fish and bright, citrus-y marinades. For more on Deux Amis:

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