Goose Island Memo To Georgia: Give Us Back All The Bourbon County Stout; It’s Illegal

not craft beer bourbon county stout

Sorry Georgia. This has not been your year.

One of our faithful Twitter friends shared this with us this evening. The memo appears to be from Goose Island in Chicago, addressed to AB distributors in Georgia, informing them that GI accidentally shipped illegal craft beer into the state and that they need GA’s supply of 2015 Bourbon County Stout to be returned. No word on whether Goose Island, who is owned by AB-Inbev, will be making concessions to retailers and consumers who have been anxiously awaiting the annual limited release.

beer memo goose island to georgia bcbsUpdate: Georgia distributors of the Goose Island brand may be attempting to swap out kegs for the GA legal version of BCBS. Check with your local distributor for more info.

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