Bars & Restaurants Across America Will Toast King’s Day

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Raise a glass to the Netherland’s famous national holiday with La Trappe.

“Pranjegekte” (orange madness) is taking hold in the U.S. with the highly anticipated celebration of the Netherlands’ King’s Day national holiday. Every year in Holland on April 27, streets, houses and businesses are festooned with orange, people flock to the streets for festivals and one-day-only outdoor sales, and stellar local beers flow freely. Known as Koningsdag in the Netherlands, it’s a day of rejoicing and revelry. Of course, that also means great Dutch beer.

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Trappist Brewery Koningshoeven ‒ best-known for its world-class La Trappe line of beers ‒ extends an invitation for people across the U.S. to join the party. Events are planned nationwide, and notably in Milwaukee multiple locations of the European-style grand cafés of the Lowlands Group ‒ Hollander, Benelux, Centraal ‒ will be toasting in the name of King Willem-Alexander and to the young kings and queens of the city.

For every La Trappe beer purchased on April 27, Lowlands Group will donate $1 to the Boys and Girls Clubs of Greater Milwaukee. Free party gear will be given away throughout the day, and special outdoor pourings will be held 2-7 p.m. at all Café Hollander locations.

“King’s Day is a huge holiday in the Netherlands,” said Ileana Rivera, Beverage Director of Lowlands Group. “It’s a great time for people to let loose with their friends and celebrate. We’re so proud to be partnering with La Trappe, which is one of the premier Trappist Breweries in the world, and to be able to support the Boys and Girls Clubs of America, who do an amazing job empowering the next generation to be leaders in their own right.”

La Trappe beers are all highly regarded Trappist and Belgian styles, such as the aptly named La Trappe Dubbel, Tripel, and the world’s first-ever Quadrupel, as well as lighter styles such as Witte and Puur – an organic kölsch-style ale. Trappist Brewery Koningshoeven was founded by Trappist monks a few years before the first Queen’s Day was officially celebrated. These monks were the first to make Trappist beer in the Netherlands, and today they use only natural ingredients from an original recipe using traditional brewing methods.

Koningsdag is one of the world’s greatest parties and everyone is welcome to celebrate! For those in the Milwaukee area, don’t miss a chance to drink great beer for a cause on this special day. Not in Milwaukee? Find an event near you, wear orange and enjoy the only Dutch Trappist beer available in the U.S.

About Trappist Brewery Koningshoeven

Founded by Trappist monks in 1884, Trappist Brewery Koningshoeven has been crafting the finest Trappist ales for over two centuries. With many world-class styles and rare limited releases.

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