Australia Craft Beer Celebrates Good Beer Week, Pokes Fun at Self

We Yanky craft drinkers are finally regaining our abilities to produce adequate amounts of antidiuretic hormone and balance our blood sugar, allowing us to function at levels we’ll describe as super-undead. Yes, we’ve recovered from American Craft Beer Week. Meanwhile, at the other end of the Bugs Bunny tunnel through the center of the Earth, where the toilets all flush counterclockwise, Aussies are smack dab in the middle of their ACBW equivalent, Good Beer Week – runs this year from May 16-24.

Apparently, Aussies have to go just a bit HAMer in everything they do: football without pads, actors that break the box office in Hollywood AND on Broadway. Good Beer Week is no exception, having not 7 but 9 whole days of celebrating good damn beer. Shite, I’ll even say that their website is a few bits slicker than the one we were checking all last week.

I’ve been looking on shelves here in Cincy for some Aussie brews so that I could partake in the big bash, but I’ve yet to spot any of these popular Australian craft beers. I guess if you can’t join ’em, you can find whatever they’re doing on the Internet and have a little fun with that.

In honor of Good Beer Week, Bridge Road Brewers made a short film that pokes fun of the archetypal craft beer drinker, “Craft Beer Changed My Life.” In the film, a man tells a narrative about having a great life with lots of friends and a stable relationship, which begin unraveling the moment he is introduced to an Australian craft brew.


In the end everything works out, because – as we all know – good damn beer is contagious. The story finishes with one of the bloke’s mates encountering the same life-altering scenario, across the bar from cool-as-hell barkeep who is intent on being a crusader for craft. Check out the short.

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