‘The Craft’ Takes Viewers Behind The Scenes Of Rhode Island’s Craft Beer Boom

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A new, award-winning documentary showcases the booming growth of craft breweries in the nation’s smallest state.

Siblings Dave, Chris, and Beth Ricci, along with Beth’s fiancé Nick Charello, interviewed 10 of the Ocean State’s 28 breweries over the course of filming The Craft: Rhode Island. The film premiered this August at the Rhode Island International Film Festival and won the Grand Prize in the Providence Film Festival Award category.



When the project began in August 2018, there were only 18 breweries operating in the state. By the time filming wrapped in March 2019, that number nearly doubled to 28 breweries plus a handful more planned to open by year’s end.

The team will host encore screenings of the film at taprooms across the state this fall, beginning with Proclamation Ale Company Sept. 1.

Proclamation is one of the breweries featured in the film along with Narragansett Beer, LineSider Brewing Co., Shaidzon Beer Co., Revival Brewing Co., Newport Craft Brewing, Foolproof Brewing Co., Tilted Barn Brewery, Providence Brewing Co., and Crooked Current Brewery.

There’s a sense of community and neighborliness that’s found across the state, and the brewing community is no different. Brewers are actively involved in their communities hosting events and working with their colleagues, whether collaborating on a new beer or lending supplies.

“All the brewers are friends with each other and try to work off one another and collaborate. I’m sure brewers elsewhere are friendly but it’s just not as intimate as it is here” Dave said.

According to the Brewers Association, beer-related activities in Rhode Island contribute more than $196 million in economic activity and employ almost 1,500 people with an average salary of $48,000.



However, there is still a lot of unknown among the average Rhode Islander when it comes to the plethora of taprooms accessible within no more than a 30-minute drive. Dave said that’s where this film really shines. It offers a look into a booming local industry that’s just waiting to be explored by everyone.

“We felt like this was almost like a gateway drug,” he said. “We’re trying to make this to expose to other people that this is happening here. This is for some hardcore craft people but this is more for saying ‘Look at what’s happening. You should check it out, too, and you’ll love it.’”

“I look at it as part of the larger movement towards people wanting to support more local industry and consume more locally produced goods of all kinds,” Beth added.

Check out the trailer for The Craft: Rhode Island

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