America’s First 100% Plant-Based Beer Hall To Open This Spring In MA

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Good beer, good food, good times.

A first-of-its-kind beer hall is planning to open this spring in Quincy, MA. Rewild will become America’s first 100% plant-based beer hall and cafe.

Pat McAuley is the man behind this unique establishment, which will pair local craft beers with a fully plant-based menu. He’s no stranger to local craft brews, as one of the founding members behind Barrel House Z in Weymouth, MA. 

“It’s different because, to my knowledge, there’s no one else in the country combining an all plant-based menu with a long list of craft beverages,” Pat said in an email. “For example, there’s currently nowhere in Massachusetts that you can go, hang out in a hip/new age setting and enjoy New England’s best craft beers and eat plant-based foods.”

The beer hall will feature offerings from local breweries across New England, with a big focus on Massachusetts’ South Shore, a stretch from Boston south to Cape Cod. Other beverages available will include locally sourced kombucha on tap, wines, craft cocktails with locally distilled spirits, and artisanal coffee, including cold brew and nitro cold brew on tap.

A Boston-based entrepreneur, author, and podcaster, Pat has experienced the benefits firsthand and plans to share it with others.

“I started experimenting with a more plant-based diet about three years ago out of curiosity,” he said. “It drastically changed my health and life in ways i never could have imagined.”

Since then, Pat says he’s been determined to make it more fun and convenient for others to live this same type of lifestyle.

“We’re doing plant-based the Boston way, in a way that’s approachable. It’s not going to just be kale salads. We’ll have pizza, tacos, burgers, and foods that everyone can enjoy.”

The restaurant aims to create a welcoming, relaxed environment just outside Boston. It will display local art and graffiti as well as a podcast studio.

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