The 12 Breweries of Dayton, Ohio: We’re Going to Visit Them All for Craft Beer Week

Dayton has more breweries per capita

It's been reasonably speculated recently that Dayton is the official leader in number of breweries per capita in the State of Ohio. If you're using a count within Metropolitan Statistical Areas, it's definitely a fact. There are officially 12 breweries in the Dayton region for a population of 841, 502 - according to the 2010 US Census. That means there's a brewery for roughly every 70,000 people in Ohio's 6th largest metro area. The next closest is Cincinnati, clicking in at 23 area breweries (2 in KY) with an MSA population of 2.1 million, supporting roughly 91,000 people per brewery.

All this craft beer industry growth in Southern Ohio might lead one to believe there's a bubble pop in the regions' near future, but the good news is that neither city is showing any signs of soon stopping, with multiple breweries in the works along the I-75 corridor for 2015-16. The pouring that's been happening in what they call Reds country has been an absolute boon to the local economies, ones that up until the craft beer boom began a couple years back were noticeably struggling. Now, I'm not saying that we start calling this the Craft Beer Economy, but planners and economic development leaders in government are taking note. They're holding seminars on how breweries can revitalize depressed urban areas and asking engineers to put breweries in redevelopment plans.

Some good damn fun for ACBW 2015

So, that's some positive stuff. But it's American Craft Beer Week and the Brew Studs have off work, and we want to have some good damn fun drinking some good damn beer. That's why we're going to visit each Dayton craft beer brewery this week.

Check back in for updates, stories, interviews and photos. Click on the logos below to link to Dayton's 12 craft beer breweries.

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