The Dayton 12, Stops One and Two: Lock 27 and Lucky Star

Stop 1: Lock 27 Brewing Co., Centerville



Monday afternoon was hot and muggy - that's Dayton, Ohio... but in May? I swung by Lock 27 around 3PM carrying a day's worth of appetite with me. Of course beer was the first thing on my mind, but I ordered up the food menu as I browsed the tap list. To my delight not only was the kitchen open, but I also popped in at the perfect time to have some great conversation with CEO and Master Brewer, Steve Barnhart.

Lock 27 operates under a gastropub model, having a full service kitchen and a smaller 1 & 1/2 barrel brewing system. Steve and I chatted about his venture from the financial tech world into becoming a business owner and full-time brewer. The conversation steered to branding and the choice of styles based in philosophies on adhering to brewing a certain way, with certain ingredients. And you better believe we spent a little time ripping AB for being what they are: deviously clueless.

What's on tap

20150511_145744Six house brews and five guest taps

My favorites: Gratzer - a smokey wheat with a light body and finish like a smoked porter. Nonemu - an American style IPA, originally called "No Name IPA."

What else is good

It's got to be the food.

Smoked chicken wings with a sweet kick sauce and the Quebec style poutine = YUM!

Stop 2: Lucky Star Brewery, Miamisburg


 I pulled into the parking lot at Lucky Start right as they were opening the door at 5PM. I was lucky again that another brewery was open on a Monday. Lucky Star bills as a brewpub and cantina, having a 10 barrel brewing system and authentic Mexican cuisine on their menu. The first thing I thought when I walked in - aside from - "Wow that's a lot of pink" - was how cool of a hangout place it must be when they're busy. To operate an alcohol establishment in Miamisburg, you're almost required to have a large area for people to mingle and sport.

I got to meet Jeff Dawson. He told me about how he went from frequent patron to brewing apprentice, having brewed over 400 barrels with owner and brewmaster, Glenn Perrine. I sampled just about everything on tap and was really impressed with the quality and variety of the brews.

What's on tap

Eleven house brews

My favorites: RU Hoppy Now - a session IPA with 70 IBUs; a hop head like me could drink it all day long. Ojos Locos- this Mexican lager is craft beer's much better tasting answer to Corona.

What else is good

Prepare to be entertained.

No I didn't play, but I was very temped to get on the cups. Throw in foosball, pool, air hockey and a future patio to easily make Lucky Star one of the most fun - and pinkest - breweries around.

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