The Dayton 12, Stop Three: Carillon Brewing Puts “Brewed The Hard Way” To Shame

Stop 3: Carillon Brewing Co., Dayton

historical beer brewing system and brewmaster

Tanya Brock, brewmaster and brewery manager stands in front of the wood-burning furnace that heats the brew kettle in a historically accurate, 19th century brewing system

I had no idea when I was walking up to go inside Carillon Brewing that I was about to embark upon one of the coolest brewery experiences that I've encountered. The brewery is an offshoot of the Carillon Historical Park, the place that houses the original 1905 Wright Flyer III. You know, the manned flight invention from the Wright Bros. that made it possible for craft beer fans from Dayton to take beercations to Stone Brewing Co. in Escondido without having to take a month off of work. Since it's part of the park, Carillon is also set up in full-blown museum fashion - staff in 19th century garb, wood everything and the smell of smoke coming from the true-to-history 1.9 barrel brewing system.

That's right, Carillon actually brews the hard way. This is how anthropologist and brewmaster, Tanya Brock sparges the mash.20150512_160528

She heavy ladles the water from a wood-fire-heated hot liquor tank and steeps hops in a wood-fire-heated brew kettle. The only thing at Carillon that's not keeping it 100 is the carbonation in the beer. That's just because us spoiled, 21st century wussies wouldn't be able to handle beer the way that our fore-mothers made it. It's inspiring as craft beer lover listening to Tanya talk about beer that's truly brewed the hard way. And don't let the historical vibe fool you - the beer is great. Tanya knows a thing or few about brewing, and the crowds that amass at the brewery are proof in the pudding.

What's on tap

Four house brews and guest taps

My favorites: Smoked Porter - Unlike porters today, 19th century porters were all made as sours; I'm a fan. Berliner Weisse - We'll just say I liked the sours here.

What else is good

19th century beer brewingIt's all about the education here

You'll be hard pressed to leave another brewery with the same amount of knowledge. And when you're done, you can go next door and learn about the city that gave humanity the airplane.

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