The Dayton 12, Stop Four: Beer Is A Dish Best Served Toxic

Stop 4: Toxic Brew Co., Dayton's Oregon District

Toxic brew beer sign

Toxic Brew Co. can actually take credit for pioneering the craft beer revolution in Dayton.

Now, this place looks familiar. That's because Toxic Brew Co. - although just under 2 years old - is Dayton's oldest modern era brewery. Right in the heart of the historic Oregon District, Toxic is brewing up a lot of things special these days.

When I stopped in on this beautiful TopBrewsTues, things were pretty quiet, just a couple of seasoned cool cats at the bar that quickly stirred up some good conversation of Dayton nostalgia - like: "You remember Mr. Wendall's?" I stuck around for a little while because I couldn't stop talking and I was hoping for the owner, Shane Juhl, to show up. I got lucky again - Shane popped in and I was able to ask him about how things were going. He couldn't have been happier: business is good and he had the chance to take on a new brewer, who he described as being a genius.

Patrick Hindson is a gypsy. No, I'm not slandering anyone. Patrick is a gypsy brewer, meaning he roams around and brews craft beer at other brewing facilities. Although he does have a home at Toxic Brew Co., he contracts with other breweries to be able to use their equipment and premises to brew his own beer, for his own brand, Nowhere in Particular. Currently, you can find Pat spending a lot of time down at Rivertown Brewery in Cincinnati. In fact, that's where he was when I visited Toxic.

Word to anyone that hasn't been in to Toxic in the past 8-or-so months: get your behind back in there and try some of the kick ass brews they're serving up. I walked out very pleased - and yeah, a little buzzed too.


What's on tap

BOOM. Count 'em. Twenty house brews

My favorites: Cap City Hustler - A DIPA to rule all Dayton DIPAs, clocking in at a - no joke - 100 IBUs. Night Ender Imperial Stout - A little sweeter than most, but I walked out feeling like Emperor Brew Stud.

What else is good

The historic Oregon Distric

Toxic doesn't serve hot food, but the OE and what's around it have plenty of good grub that will let you order in. And yep, food trucks pull up out back too. Stick around late, and you'll have plenty of night life and other craft beer joints to fill out your itinerary.

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