The Dayton 12, Stop Five: If Eudora can brew it, anyone can – maybe just not as well

Stop 5: Eudora Brewing Company, Kettering

Eudora is one of two breweries now operating in Kettering

Eudora Brewing Company was my first stop on Wednesday, ACBW. Several regulars had already beat me in as I pulled up to the taproom bar at around 4:45. The bartender was wearing a t-shirt with the logo of my university alma mater - the older one, not the new one that resembles the acronym for an STD euphemism. Turns out that the owner and brewmaster, Neil Chabut, is also a UD grad and even more coincidentally, hails from Kettering, my birth city. 

As I drank and chatted, that place drummed up all kinds of great memories. Much of my family is from Kettering, and I grew up as a youngin' in the South part of town. I kept the sappy childhood talk to a minimum, and spent most of the visit talking to BOP Manager, Andrew Decker, about his time and role at the brewery, that uses a 3-barrel, 100% electric brewing system. Andrew has spent a good deal of time outside of the Dayton area, trying beer from all over and learning from some culinary big-timers - namely, Jean-François Flechet, owner of Cincy-OTR-famous, Taste of Belgium.

Andrew and I had a conversation that lasted almost the entire time I was there. What I found most interesting about Andrew's involvement with the brewery was his title. That's because it puts him in charge of the ultra-rare Brew on Premises (BOP) model at Eudora.


Eudora sells more than just the opportunity to drink good damn beer at their brewery. They also sell customers the opportunity to brew their own good damn beer and take it home. Andrew supervises that part of the business, and if you ask me, you couldn't have a more knowledgeable dude helping out the home brewers who purchase the service. How it all works is listed on their website. It can be a great value to the new/novice brewer who needs help learning the process or to the brewer who wants to take advantage of Eudora's higher-grade equipment and experienced staff.

This brewery exudes the pride that the staff takes in being in the craft beer business and being in Kettering. I have to say that while I was there - although I was just sampling and being a jabber jaws - I was sharing in that pride.


What's on tap

Seven house brews

My favorites: Bangarang! - I think I may have found Dayton's best IPA. Let it warm some. If you don't want another: count to 10, pause and smack yourself in the face. Cheval Magique - I don't usually favor Belgian strongs, but this one balances the sweetness and high gravity with a good hop flavor and light malt.

What else is good

If you brew it, they let you take it home

Eudora's facility is one of only three places in Ohio where patrons can brew beer on premises, package it and take it home for consumption. What a better way to have help getting into homebrewing or to brew bigger batches of all grain beer without making your own investment of time and money.

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