Things To Do In Denver When You’re Drunk: A Brew Stud Offers To Taste That Beer For You At GABF

craft beer tasting at great american beer fest aka gabf

Getting right to the point: Denver, Sept. 24, 2015 – GABF!

And the Brew Studs are all over it. I will be there greedily throwing down as much of the most luscious, richest, tastiest good damn craft beer America has to offer. The Brew Studs blog, @BrewStuds on Twitter and BrewStuds on Facebook will be bringing you as much coverage as is humanly possible from the granddaddy of beer festivals – and I, as our GABF correspondent, intend to test the limits. That being said, my top priority at this glorious event, boasting more than 800 breweries and approximately 3700 beers, will be tasting good damn beer and having a damn good time while doing it. Fortunately, I’ve had some practice. This will be my fourth time attending GABF – first time as a Brew Stud. What I know, above all else, is that the brewers do not want to take any beer home. So, I have vowed to help make sure that doesn’t happen.

cheers to craft beer and gabf

Cheers to good damn beer and the Great American Beer Fest!

It would be amazing if everyone in the Brew Studs family could be along side me, indulging at that paradise made for craft beer lovers. But, since we know not everyone that wanted to can attend, the Brew Studs blog is going to try and place you in the action as best as we can. But let’s get real; I’m gonna need a little help. So to all you Brew Studs and Brew Studettes who are attending this magnificent event, I’m asking you to join in and share the sights, sounds and tastes of GABF by tweeting and Instagram-ing your experiences using the instagram hashtags, #ImaGABFstud, and, by all means, come take a #GABFbeerselfie with me. Any pic having either of those hashtags will be featured on the Brew Studs blog, just like we do with #TopBrewsTues.

If you are one of the unfortunate souls who is unable to join us in person and want to play along at home, I’ll do you a solid. If there is a beer you’ve always wanted to try but is not available in your neck of the woods or just one that you’ve been eyeballing, let me know on Twitter by sharing your request with the hashtag, #tastemybeer. I will be committed to trotting my ass over to said booth, drinking it down and hitting you back with what I think.

Alright, alright! It’s time to stop talking and start drinking some good damn beer. Remember: whether you’re at the festival, in a bar or on your couch on September 24 , 25, & 26, join in and follow along with the best damn party in America, going down in Denver at The Great American Beer Festival.

Hope to see you there… or on social media.


Brew Studs on Twitter: @BrewStuds

Me on Twitter: @titletownusa13

On Facebook: BrewStuds

Come get a selfie with me, tag it with #GABFbeerselfie.

Tag any of your pics from GABF to Twitter or Instagram with #ImaGABFstud to be featured on the blog.

Tweet your requests with #tastemybeer to get an on-the-spot review of your coveted beer.

Other hashtags to use while at GABF: #GABF, #GABF2015.

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