MillerCoors Lawsuit Plaintiff Says It’s About The Consumer: But Craft Beer Consumers Could Lose No Matter The Outcome

You’ve probably heard by now that two extremely self-interested, so-called homebrewers/craft beer loyalists from San Diego have filed suit against the MillerCoors company for false advertising, alleging that they market their brand, Blue Moon, as a craft beer beverage – when by all modern accepted definitions, it is not. Since the news broke, the craft beer blogosphere – scratch that – all Internet search having to do with craft beer has been dominated by this story.

We sought out both individuals on Twitter to inform them of our belief that their actions are only serving to stain the reputation of craft beer drinkers all over America, who are annoyed at being called snobs for liking good beer. We found them and called them out. Here’s a tweet we received from the plaintiff – the only person identified in the “class action” suit, Evan Parent:

What we believe Evan fails to realize (we’re giving him the benefit of the doubt regarding his intent to educate drinkers) is that this tactic has completely backfired and Blue Moon is getting even more attention while having its brand attached to craft beer keyword searches. He should have left them alone to think that an orange garnish was going to sell beer in 2015.

Most importantly, after Evan and his lawyer buddy lose this case, “popular” digital media is going to dog Craft Beer Nation even more. We’ll have to endure weeks, even months of horribly written blog posts about how craft drinkers take themselves too seriously and how we should leave mainstream America alone to drink in orange-rind-adorned, ignorant bliss.

Anyway, that’s our rant. Now, here’s our favorite post about the story, which insinuates Evan Parent isn’t as a devoted craft beer devotee as he claims to be and concludes, “No word yet about whether Plaintiff has switched to Shock Top.”

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