What We Learned This Championship Spring: Winners Drink Craft Beer and Losers Drink Macros

Cavaliers’ Shooting Gaurd JR Smith Riding Scooter, Drinking a Coors Light After Loss


Every year in June the NBA and NHL duke it out for sports TV ratings as each league’s championship series run side by side. Traditionally, the NBA has crushed the NHL in ratings and this year was no different. Both series were exciting going six games ending with some ridiculously happy fans in Chicago and the Bay Area.  But surely what was really on everyone’s minds as we all watched these two very exciting exhibitions of some of America’s most talented athlete’s was: what kind of beer do these guys drink?

The answer came quickly after the conclusion of each series and what we found out was the losers prefer macro brews and the champions prefer craft brews.  Tuesday, after game six of the NBA finals, J.R. Smith of the defeated Cleveland Cavaliers was seen riding around on some contraption – which was weird in and of itself – sulking with a can of Coors Light – as if loosing to the Golden State Warriors didn’t leave a bad enough taste in his mouth. Just one day earlier, the 2015 NHL Champion Chicago Blackhawks were spotted pouring a bottle of craft brew from Steady Hand Brewing directly into the Stanley Cup.

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The Chicago Blackhawks actually poured champagne into the Stanley Cup after winning. This is a Photoshopped image, and this post is satirical commentary… FYI.

The old saying ‘there’s no accounting for taste’ clearly doesn’t apply here – losers like macros and champions like good damn beer.  There is a parallel here that has not gone unnoticed: the popularity dominance of the NBA over the NHL coinciding with the popularity of macro over craft brews.  There is a revolution upon us however, and as the popularity of craft beer rises perhaps too will the NHL’s popularity.

In the end, the important thing is that all sports fans should give craft beer a try. Whether you’re a fan of the NHL, NBA or some obscure sport halfway across the world – like futbol –  you should never subject yourself to drinking watery, tasteless beer – especially now that we know it makes you lose at life.  The decision is up to you beer drinkers: you can either be a douchey loser or a good damn champion.  Oh, you want to be a champ?  Then drink some good damn beer, drink craft beer.


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