Don’t say we didn’t warn you: Blue Moon lawsuit prompts name calling of craft beer drinkers

If you’re a hipster, fine. If you’re not and you prefer and enjoy craft beer – or let’s say you even obsess about it a little – get ready to be pigeonholed.

I’m not a hipster and neither are any of the other Brew Studs. In fact, we don’t really know many hipsters. The ones we do know would probably be found with a can of PBR in their hands before proper glassware.

I think I warned everyone of the popular media backlash over the distraction to the industry that is the current Miller Coors lawsuit here. Well, it has begun. Charles Sizemore has published an opinion on the topic and in doing so has gotten the culture all twisted. Let him know what you think on Twitter: @CharlesSizemore. And Don’t forget to thank @parenteven and his lawyer@JimTreglioEsq, for making it all possible.

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