10 Craft Beers To Get Excited About This Summer, By Region

June is almost over and today is the first official day of Summer. If you feel like I do, this season is going to fly right by. There is no time to waste when looking for the best seasonal beers from around the country. Thankfully no matter where you live there are plenty of quality brews to take to your next cook-out or enjoy on an outdoor patio at happy hour. Take a look at these 10 exciting craft beer releases from Coast to Coast and everywhere in between.

West Coast

21st Amendment Hell or High Watermelon

Wheat Beer - San Francisco, CA - 4.9% ABV

This wheat beer brewed with watermelon is the perfect refresher on a hot day. Crisp and full of flavor, even those not big into craft beer at your party are sure to enjoy this one.  Grab a six-pack or case of 21st Amendment's cans up until September.

Deschutes Twilight Summer Ale
Golden Ale - Bend, OR - 5.0% ABV

Drink this golden ale under a matching sky. Twilight is a solid summer choice for sitting outside as the day turns into night. A great blend of malt and hops makes for a fan favorite all along the west coast.


Shiner Ruby Redbird

Lager - Shiner, TX - 4.01% ABV

Grapefruit and ginger lead to a tart summer taste. Even though it is now available year round, there is no better time to grab this beer than during the summer months.

Avery Karma
Belgian Pale Ale - Boulder, CO - 5.4% ABV

Belgian Style Pale Ales are gaining steam around the country. Combining the popularity of Belgian beers and pale ales have given craft drinkers a new way to enjoy their favorites. There is plenty of flavor and a fruity nose to this Belgian that still has that bite that pal ale fans are looking for.


Bell's Oberon

Wheat Beer - Kalamazoo, MI - 5.8% ABV

Without a doubt one of the more popular summer releases in the country. Bell's Oberon is a spicy and hoppy wheat beer that smells of citrus. Great on a hot day, especially out of their 16 oz cans. Look for this beer up until Labor Day in your local bar, distributors, and even many sports venues!

Revolution Rosa Hibiscus Ale
Rosa Hibiscus Ale - Chicago, IL - 5.8% ABV

A gold body with a pink tint, this easy to drink ale has the slightest bit of tartness from added hibiscus flowers. Don't let the color fool you, this beer is still suitable for men, even though the ladies will definitely love it!


Dogfish Head Festina Peche

Berliner Weissbier - Milton, DE - 4.5% ABV

While Berliner Weissbiers are typically on the sour end of the spectrum, the peach flavor of this beer takes down some of that intensity and makes it one of the most thirst quenching beers of the summer. The peach smell of this beer might be just as satisfying as the taste itself!

Victory Summer Love
Golden Ale - Downingtown, PA - 5.2% ABV

Not overly hoppy and plenty refreshing this golden ale with a lemon twist is a great beer to share with the ones you love this summer. Goes great with all of your favorite cook-out food or by itself! Look for it as a stand alone or as part of Victory's summer variety pack.


SweetWater Waterkeeper

Hefeweizen - Atlanta, GA - 6.0% ABV

A beer with a decent punch that is still light enough for you to drink on all day. Fans of wheat beers will love this one. What's even better is that this beer is part of SweetWater's mission to raise awareness for Waterkeepers and assisting them in their fight to preserve our rivers, streams, and coastlines. Drink good beer and support good causes!

Foothills HopJob
Session IPA - Winston-Salem, NC - 4.9% ABV

With Session IPA's becoming more and more popular, especially in the summer months, don't miss the opportunity to try HopJob, only available until July. This is the perfect beer to put back after a long day's work, and with 75 IBUs, fans looking for a nice bite have found the right session for them.


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