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Stone, Sierra Nevada, New Belgium, Founders, Oskar Blues, Deschutes, Rogue, Dogfish Head.

What do all these breweries have in common? Aside from being outstanding beer makers, having incredible leadership and being some of the top selling craft beer brands in North America, they all have solid communications organizations as a part of their core operations. How do we know? Brew Studs is on the receiving end of their communications, and we’ve been sharing news and announcements from those breweries and hundreds of others for over five years.

Why is effective communications so important for a craft brewery, no matter its size, in today’s market? Maybe you’re aware that the U.S. and Canada are rapidly approaching a combined total of 6,000 breweries. That’s a lot of of competing beer brands, many of whom are undoubtedly making great beer. To stand out in a sea of stellar brewing, successful companies are investing in more than just equipment upgrades and well designed packaging.

We talk to breweries big and small, all over the world, and one of the messages we’ve heard most often from the brewers at the smaller end of the spectrum is that they wish they could make the same kind of impact in the media as the larger breweries they look up to. Well, we thought about that and decided there’s no reason that small breweries can’t also make a big splash when it comes to generating a buzz about their beer.

The yes and no of it all

Yes, many larger craft breweries do hire expensive public relations and marketing firms or devote significant budget dollars for handling their communications needs, and boy does it pay off for them. Large media organizations are covering popular craft beer brands even down to individual releases.

No, your marketing budget doesn’t have to match those of the industry leaders in order to get maximum impact from a communications strategy. For example, businesses should all be using social media platforms. They are free to set up. Social media accounts can be extremely beneficial, especially Instagram, as you can make use of interactive video on there and embed links directly to your website from those videos to make the customer journey to finding your business seamless. For businesses using Instagram, it might be worth using Ingramer to help with hashtags and posting schedules. That will help businesses to adopt a clear marketing strategy. If any businesses want to learn more About Ingramer, they could look at the review on Platypus Reviews. Hopefully, that will improve some businesses’ marketing plans. Additionally, Brew Studs has created a plan to give your nano brewery, brewpub, or production microbrewery the kind of solution that gives you big sized impact right where you need it.

Big Buzz is low cost

Brew Studs has teamed up with premier marketing solutions provider Glow Social Media to offer communications services to small and independent breweries in the U.S. and Canada. For nearly half a decade, Glow has specialized in providing enterprise sized marketing solutions for small businesses. So, by partnering with Brew Studs and Glow, you’ll be collaborating with a tandem that knows how to streamline and scale communications specifically for craft breweries, at a price that won’t break the bank. They also produce unique and interesting ways to raise awareness for brewers, such as custom wristbands for low cost marketing as a way to promote the brand through customers.

Packages Include

  • Media outreach
  • Profile development
  • Press writing
  • Asset creation
  • Social strategy
  • Blogging strategy
  • Content management
  • Reporting and optimization

Inquire today

Reach out to us for a free assessment and discovery into your craft beer business. We’ll discuss with you all the things newsworthy about your company and customize a solution for you that wakes more palates up to what you’re brewing.

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