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We care about results as much as we care about beer.

Are you starting a business in the craft beer industry? Do you already have a beer business and want to get the word out about your event, your crowdfunding initiative or your latest announcement? Do you have apparel, designs, artwork, inventions, equipment, supplies or actual beer that you want to showcase?

You could spend hundreds to thousands of dollars on display ads and get a few clicks per month, but maybe you’ve already tried that. If you have, we’re guessing it didn’t turn out quite like you had hoped.

Well, Brew Studs is offering something different. It’s a program that puts thousands of eyes from a targeted readership right in front of content meant specifically for your demographic, both on our blog and continually in our social media communities.

Beyond that, there are three great reasons to sponsor Brew Studs content.

Your brand won’t be blocked — It’s projected that 87 million Americans will have ad blocker software installed on their devices in 2017. That means when your ad runs (in deep rotation) on other sites, only about a third of the impressions that they promise you actually stick, and that’s probably why you’re not seeing any visits as a result of your advertising there. When your banner runs here, we make sure that every single view on the page becomes a view for your brand.

We work with you from concept to conversion — Most sites will just ask you for your code and then slap it in rotation with every other advertiser they book, and who knows where or when your banner will show up. In contrast, Brew Studs pairs your brand with content that tells a story consistent with your identity, and then you own that content, exclusively. Along the way, we’ll assist you in designing a complete campaign and help you track the key performance indicators that let you know your Brew Studs partnership was a success.

Craft loyalty — Brew Studs is the brand that is of the beer lovers, by the beer lovers and for the beer lovers. By sponsoring content on this blog, our readers know that you are loyal to the small and independent breweries of the world who deliver the beer that they love so much. We’re very selective about who we allow to advertise in this space. So, if you show up within these pages, you automatically receive a badge of craft loyalty, and our readers will reward you for your loyalty to good beer.


Partners are even being featured in multimedia productions like Turning Craft.
Latest episode co-stars a starter for the Denver Broncos.


Ultimately, if you’re looking for value and return from your marketing activities in the beer and brewing world, this is your place. Give us a shout, and let us customize a solution for you.

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