Craft Beer Poll: Where Is Your Favorite Place To Drink?

craft beer by the river with food pairing

Have you ever played this game?

You can only choose a select number of items to take with you on a deserted island. Really makes you think about who you are deep inside, doesn’t it? What if you were forced to choose between the watering holes you frequent? Let’s say from now on, you can only choose one place to drink at for the rest of your days…

Mine would probably put a damper on how often I get to enjoy craft beer, but it’s totally worth the wait. We have these friends who have access to a house on a lake. Once a year, if we’re lucky, we get a call to come visit for a few days. Knowing that, we stockpile various bottles and select favorite beers throughout the year in hopes of enjoying them near the water, with the bonus of being with our dearest friends. It’s a small slice of heaven, and ultimately, my favorite place to drink. It has the comforts of good conversation, great beer, and an awesome view. If I were forced to drink in only one place, the lake with my friends would be it.

Everyone has a different favorite. Yours might be a bar stool kept warm just for you, or where the wait staff knows your order when you walk in the door. There is something to be said about having a place where you feel at home. Whether it’s on a couch with your socks on, at a local brewery tasting room, or even at Cheers, where everybody knows your name, we all have a special place that the beer always seems to taste better than anywhere else.

So, tell us. If you had to choose just one place to enjoy your good damn beer until you could enjoy good damn beer no more, where would it be?

Where you drinking that good damn beer?

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