TV’s Next Reality Show Hit Will Feature a Decent Craft Beer Selection

Nick Lachey toasts a craft beer with brother Drew in preview for new A&E reality TV show, Lachey's Bar

Beginning July 15, A&E Network will air a new reality television show staring Nick Lachey.

Stop. I know what you’re thinking: The last time he did this, the world got a little dumber and we all had to end up explaining the tagline, Chicken of the Sea, to someone we know.

This time – if you like craft beer – you’re probably going to want to watch. This time, there’s no Jessica. This time it’s just Nick, his brother and past 98 Degrees band mate, Drew, and the sports bar they opened in the historic Over-the-Rhine neighborhood in Cincinnati, which happens to have a pretty good offering of local and widely-distributed craft beer.

I have to say – as one who spent the early 2000s despising the MTV metamorphosis from music television into a channel featuring “non-scripted” content staring non-actors and the rush-to-reality chain reaction that proceeded – I’m pretty excited about the ex-heartthrob gracing my LCD widescreen on Wednesday nights. For one, the show is going to be about a busy bar set in a neighborhood that has one of the nation’s greatest modern urban renewal stories. The other thing that’s got me pumped is that the former boy band singers – in large part due to their pop culture appeal – are going to have an opportunity to educate mainstream America on the value of drinking and supporting good damn beer.

Another of my hopes is that Cincinnati will get some of the cred that it’s due after being recently snubbed on multiple best-of lists. Not a lot of people could tell you that there are 23-and-counting breweries in the area, and that’s a shame. Us locals are pretty damn proud of the good damn beer here. Now, there’s a chance that the rest of the country will get see what’s brewing in the Queen City.

Check out this TV spot/preview for the upcoming  Lachey’s Bar  on A&E

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