Popular Craft Beer Media Community Announces New Service For Independent Breweries

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New marketing communications solutions promise a Big Buzz for small brewers.

Brew Studs, a leader in providing news, opinions, reviews and anything else you’d expect to be buzzing in the world of craft beer and brewing, has announce that it has begun providing a focused suite of PR and Marketing solutions for the North American brewing community.

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In order to provide low cost solutions, the online brand who has gained a reputation for avidly promoting the business and subculture of craft brewing around the globe will team up with Michigan-based Glow Social Media, a premier social media and content marketing firm owned by former Walt Disney Company social media manager, Courtney Lane Maki.

“I couldn’t be more excited about what we’re offering to the thousands of breweries that have been popping up in recent years,” said Brew Studs founder Jeremy Fultz. “I’ve worked closely with Courtney for going on three years now, and I’ve remained impressed from day one, both about how Glow is able to tailor enterprise strategies for small businesses and about their willingness to go above and beyond for their clients. Glow’s unique approach to communications is a key reason why Brew Studs has seen such success, and I thought it time that I share their methods with the craft beer industry I care about so much.”

Initial services, which will draw from the media team’s experience in regularly distributing the news and announcements of over 100 different beer-related organizations, will be offered exclusively to independent breweries and craft beer startups or small businesses.

Brew Studs has a passion for spreading the pleasure of craft beer and defending the industry against those who would detract from it. In 2017, they published “The Cut Off,” a list of beer brands owned by Anheuser-Busch InBev. This was Brew Studs’ way of sending a message that the subculture within the craft beer movement was keeping an eye on the aggression of the world’s largest beer company. Tapping into that same fervor, Brew Studs hopes to help smaller breweries enhance their reach and stand out in markets where competition is increasing and external threats are looming.

“I talk to breweries big and small, all over the world,” Fultz added “And one of the messages I’ve heard most often from the brewers at the smaller end of the spectrum is that they wish they could make the same kind of impact in the media as the larger breweries they look up to. Well, we thought about that and decided there’s no reason that small breweries can’t also make a big splash when it comes to generating a buzz about their beer.”

Glow Social Media has spent its time in both Atlanta and Central Michigan working with small business owners, marketing departments, public relations managers and communications directors to deliver complete digital communications strategies and robust social media campaigns. The collaboration between Glow and Brew Studs will borrow the best of what the two organizations have to offer and put into motion something that will have a big impact for beer brands.

“It’s such a perfect time for local breweries to widen their footprint outside their neighborhood, city or state,” said Glow Founder Courtney Lane Maki. “Glow loves supporting local businesses, not just those in our backyard, but all over the country. The relationship I formed with Jeremy was in such a vein and has proven dynamic since we met. With Glow’s hyper focus on social branding and Brew Studs on craft beer, we can provide insight like none other. I look forward to the fruits of our labor, especially the ones in a pint glass.”

Learn more about this exciting new partnership and the Big Buzz solutions here.

About Brew Studs

Brew Studs is the brand and blog that is of the beer lovers, by the beer lovers and for the beer lovers. Over the past two years, we’ve helped break many stories that impacted the craft beer community, and we alert you to timely announcements from over a hundred breweries and other beer organizations from all over the U.S. and Canada. In addition, we launched a weekly contest where we reward beer lovers with merchandise from fan favorite craft breweries for sharing their love of craft beer in photographs. Just recently, Brew Studs produced a TV pilot about craft beer and brewing called Turning Craft. Projects like this and more are filling up the task lists of Brew Studs contributors, so be on the lookout for what’s to come.

About Glow Social Media

Glow Social Media is a premier social media content marketing firm, we work with business owners, marketing departments, public relations managers and communications directors to deliver a complete strategy and robust social media campaigns, since 2012. Glow Social Media continues to outperform regional competition because we are more experienced and skilled in social media marketing than what you will find in the local marketplace. Our team has Fortune 500 company social media management experience and look forward to passing that expertise on to our clients.

Turning Craft is the show that’s converting the world to craft beer, one drinker at a time.

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