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Kicking off August 18th with Great Opening Beernanza.

As Chicago’s first craft-dedicated contract brewery, Great Central Brewing Company (GCBC) helps growing breweries get a leg up and make more craft beer for us all. After focusing on client recipe production for the last year, GCBC has announced the opening of its consumer-facing Tasting Room this Friday, August 18.

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To celebrate the long-awaited opening, GCBC will be hosting a Great Opening Beernanza on Friday, August 18, 2017, from 2:00pm–9:00pm, featuring the Big Star Taco Truck from 4:00pm–6:00pm, guest appearances, and a contest to guess how much stainless steel it takes to run a modern brewery.

Located within GCBC’s production facility at 221 N. Wood Street in Chicago, the Tasting Room brings to fruition the third aspect of the Great Central mission.

“We’ve always been for the brewers—our clients—and for the beer we collectively craft here,” said David Avram, CEO and co-founder. “With the opening of this Tasting Room, we can now bring the greater beer community into the conversation, opening up new channels for engagement and education, to the benefit of both our clients and consumers.”

Within the 200-seat wood-and-subway-tiled shrine to suds are 24 taps featuring ridiculously fresh beer from local, regional and international breweries, including Begyle, Maplewood, Kinslahger and Warpigs—as well as a few of GCBC’s own traditional German-style house offerings.

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Free and easy to enter. Must be 21 or older.

“With beer from multiple breweries freshly brewed within feet of the taps, it’s like multiple brewery tours in one—and without all the driving,” said Conor McFerran, Marketing & Strategy Director and co-founder.  “It’s a relaxed place to belly up, sample a wide range of offerings, interact with different breweries and compare styles one-to-one to increase your beer IQ.”

The flexible layout of the Tasting Room allows for multiple uses, including beer dinners, industry education, special events and the like, while the design and styling reference the manufacturing and industrial heritage of the local neighborhood.

“We’re very excited to be able to complete the vision and bring everyone together around the taps,” said McFerran. “We feel this will go a long way to continue to expand the meaningful impact local brewing is having on Chicago and the greater Midwest region,” continues Avram. “We look forward to having both beer connoisseurs and novices alike come in and contribute to the culture and conversation.”

About Great Central Brewing Company

Great Central Brewing Company, located at 221 N. Wood Street in Chicago, Illinois, is the city’s first dedicated contract brewery, established to help growing breweries expand in ways that makes sense for them—whether bridging the gap between brewery scale-ups, offloading seasonal production or as a full service provider. Great Central Brewing Company’s newly opened Tasting Room will operate Wednesday through Sunday, featuring a wide range of local, regional and international offerings. Specific hours and current menu are available at

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