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The show that’s opening the door to a whole new universe of beer.

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Help us spread the joy of craft beer and brewing with your generosity, and find out how you could be included in a future episode below.

Turning Craft’s mission is to convert the world to craft beer, one drinker at a time.

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Turning Craft needs your help to film future episodes.

We’re upgrading our equipment and traveling to more breweries and other exciting craft beer destinations to give our potential converts the drinking experiences that are sure to turn them into full fledged beer lovers. In addition to that, we want our fans to get involved with our coming adventures. Don’t forget to check out the form below to offer up someone you know to get turned by the cast and crew of Turning Craft.

Because we believe in independence and support the independence of small brewers the world over, we chose to not seek traditional distribution for our show — imagine Big Beer getting to run commercials during airing. What that means is we’re raising money on our own. To do that we’ve launched a Kickstarter campaign where you can help us bring more episodes to life and get some really cool rewards for backing us.

Turning Craft is a collaboration production between Full Frame Studios and Brew Studs, the online brand this is of the beer lovers, by the beer lovers and for the beer lovers. Our team has plans to shoot at least five new episodes this Summer, bringing viewers along for the ride as we travel to popular beer drinking and beer making spots while attempting — through education, entertainment and lots of tasting — to turn that person you know to craft. Your contributions will support our efforts to show the world how the craft beer industry and community are making positive changes to local and regional economies and creating new customs that we can all be proud of.

Be On Turning Craft

Turning Craft wants to help you convert a non-craft drinker that you know. Every beer lover knows somebody, whether in your family or your in circle of friends, who prefers another beverage, is proudly a macro beer drinker or just outright doesn’t like beer. Now’s your chance to get that person and yourself on our show, where our host and experts from the beer industry will take you both through a series of amazing experiences to turn that drinker to craft.

If that sounds like you and you want our help, fill out the form below and tell us why you should be on an episode of Turning Craft.

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