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Kyle met Shirley in 2004 while they were both serving in the US Army. Love at first sight is not how you would describe what happened next, in fact Shirley was mostly annoyed with Kyle. But soon after Kyle began to grow on Shirley, there was only one problem: Shirley drank wine coolers. Not only did she drink wine coolers, but Shirley told Kyle that she hated beer... DEAL BREAKER! Kyle being crushed, decided to persevere and accept the challenge bestowed upon him. Kyle grabbed his favorite beer at the time: George Killian’s Irish Red (remember when that was exotic?). After convincing Shirley to drink this “swill”, true love ensued. In 2007, while serving in Iraq Kyle bought a book on how to homebrew, he read it from cover to cover (No Kyle didn’t use his newfound knowledge to make Alcohol, that would be illegal...). When Kyle returned home, he was ready to hit the ground running, he bought his equipment and started to brew. From there Kyle and Shirley’s interest/love affair with beer took off. They started to go to breweries and make their own brewery at home. Since then their love for each other and craft beer has aged well, becoming more complex along the way. They both love traveling, trying new foods, and tasting new beers. It seems that all of their travel turns into beer travel, always looking for new breweries to try. Since they like goofing off, they started to record some of their adventures together and posted them to Youtube for friends and family. Today you can find Kyle and Shirley traveling the world to drink their favorite beers and discover new ones along the way.